I have been photographing the magnificent Adirondacks, other American landscapes, and portraits for nearly five decades.

A former North Country Community College student and a graduate of the NY State University College at Oswego, I concentrated in photography culminating with an independent study in art history.  Along with exhibiting throughout the North Country, my professional work to date has ranged from commissioned portraiture, photograph restoration and enhancement through digital conversion of aged photographs, advertising photography and photo enlargements.  I create custom matting and framing of images and objects of an individual’s unique interest. 

Along with my conventional photographs, I also like to capture images with pinhole cameras - homemade cardboard box cameras (also known as "camera obscuras") that utilize a mere pinhole as a lens.  To complement this work, I've constructed the Adirondack's first known room-sized Camera Obscura on the shore of Lake Flower in Saranac Lake.  Upon entering this giant camera, guests are treated not only to unique views of Lake Flower and the surrounding area, but also experience techniques used by various Renaissance artists.

Always watching for a unique instance of color and light, my camera is forever ready to capture that brief moment, quite often one that many people would have missed.  It is then an image eternally held for those to enjoy after all.